The Largest Distribution and Logistics Company for Key Staple Food and Feed Ingredients

  • Leading Soybean & Soybean Meal Distributor
  • Strategic Distribution Networks to Cover over 200 Major Cities Across Indonesia.
  • Operates Largest and Most Modern Dry Bulk Terminal in Indonesia, Strategically Located in Key Food and Feed Gateways

Who We Are

We are a prominent company in Indonesia, operating the distribution and supply chain management with diverse portfolio product encompasses food and feed ingredients, as well as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

Key Figures


Fleet Count


Employee Count


Branch & Facility Count


Distribution Networks

Sales & Distribution Business

Bridging Supply and Demand effortlessly for you through extensive and reliable channels.

Logistic Services

Our way is the current way. We build with history and efficiency to give you the most convenient logistics services.

Products & Services

Discover seamless product delivery and customer satisfaction with our Sales, Distribution, and Logistics services.

Investor Relations

As a leading company in food and feed ingredients distributors, transparent and effective communication with our investors is of utmost importance to us.
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