About Us


While you may have read the inspiring book on fish tales,
we too have a fish tale to tell,
about the journey of a corporate FISH called Fishindo.
The script was written on June 27 th 1992. For the first 10 years, it swam in the Bali Strait. Then one fine day, proceeded straight to the capital. Having arrived, took stock of the situation, decided to trade places and braved the big exchange. Sardine from a small fishing village had sighted a whale of an opportunity, the diference between a fish market and a commodity market. The rest as they say is history, the transformation of Fishindo, a pioneer in the production of fish meal and fish oil to PT FKS Multi Agro Tbk.,
a power house in the distribution of food and feed ingredients throughout Indonesia.


Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago and its vast coastline spanning thousands of kilometers is rich in marine resources. Yet ironically, the domestic aquaculture industry had to totally depend on imported fish meal. In order to reduce this dependence, our company was established in June 1992. It was the founding shareholder’s initiative, an entrepreneurial drive to attainself sufficiency in the production of fish meal & fish oil in Indonesia. Location for the factory was chosen in a small fishing village called Muncar, near Bali Strait in East Java.

The plant was equipped with one of the best machineries available. The work force was properly trained by overseas experts in the field. The raw material procured for production was whole fish instead of canning waste. All these factors ensured that the quality of fishery products from our factory was able to match the import specifications that were required for the Indonesian aquaculture industry. Fishindo established itself as a quality producer of fish meal and fish oil in the country, which not only catered to domestic demand but also exported its products. The sustained industrial activity in Muncar was meant to boost fishermen’s income in the area.