20 January 2021

Tempe Park's Ground Breaking Ceremony

FKS Multi Agro as a company engaged in the food sector nationwide, specifically as a soybeans supplier since 2011, has a vision to develop the nation by contributing not only in the economy sector and community welfare, but also has a strong desire to preserve the culture strongly related in Indonesian society.

One of the initiatives being developed is Tempe Park, an edu-park concept with Tempe as the main highlight, being the authentic heritage food of Indonesia with soybean as the main ingredients. Located in a 5.8 Ha area in West Java, Tempe Park is designated to be the training and development center for all Tempe product and its derivative.

This initiative is not solely to preserve the Tempeh culture, but also brings a mission to become one of the integrated training centers for tempeh craftsmen, including those who have already working as one and those who are just starting out. Targeting more than 100,000 tempeh craftsmen from all over Indonesia trained in Tempe Park, FKS Multi Agro hopes to contribute in upgrading the welfare of Tempe craftsmen by helping them to increase the quality of the tempeh production in terms of taste, cleanliness, as well as new and upcoming innovations, ready to be consumed by the nation.

The Groundbreaking Ceremony as a symbol of the start of the Tempe Park development project was carried out on January 18th, 2021, with the target of the first phase of construction will be completed by the end of 2021. The project is expected to open up new jobs opportunity, especially for the residents who live in the area around Tempe Park.