Oilseed Products

An oilseed product is the residue remaining after reserved oil is removed from oilseeds. Oilseed meals are rich in protein and variable in residual fats and oils depending on the oil protein extraction process. Oilseed meals that are generally used in animal feed in Asia are soybean meal, peanut meal, copra meal, palm kernel meal and to a lesser extent, sesame seed meal, cotton seed meal, sunflower seed meal. Oilseed meals constitute a substantial proportion in compound feed formulation.

Soybean Meal (SBM)

Residue obtained after extracting oil from soybeans, imported from Argentina, USA, Brazil, Paraguay, India, China.

Rapeseed Meal/Canola Meal (RSM)

Residue obtained after extracting oil from Rapeseed/ Canola. India, Europe and Canada are the main producers.

Groundnut Meal (GNM)

Obtained after extracting groundnut oil, sourced mainly from India.