Sentral Grain Terminal

PT Sentral Grain Terminal (SGT) provides a warehouse rental, and various value-added services of warehousing such as bagging, bulking, material handling and weighing. Its facilities located near Cigading and Ciwandan Port, Cilegon, West Java. The facilites include 3 units of warehouse with total area 40,798 sqm and total capacity 180,000 MT and supporting facilities and machineries includes mobile bagging units, conveyor, forklift, weigh bridge, loader and classifier.

SGT owns and manages a heavy port operating equipment (Harbor Mobile Cranes) and weigh bridge which is leased to the users discharging cargo at Ciwandan Port.

Besides that, SGT also provides direct discharge services (Port to Door/customer’s warehouse) and indirect discharge services (Port to SGT’s warehouse) by collaborating with various trucking companies.

The modern, integrated and largest transit warehouse in South East Asia, Sentral Grain Terminal (SGT) 2, is a joint operation between PT Sentral Grain Terminal (SGT), a subsidiary of FKS Group, and PT Karakatau Bandar Samudra (KBS), a subsidiary of PT Karakatau Steel Tbk.

SGT 2 is located at Cigading Port, Cilegon, West Java. It is built in 11.7 hectares area and equipped with jetty and loading dock that able to accommodate a vessel with 90,000 DWT. It is also supported with a mechanical continues ship unloader with discharging capacity of 1,300 MT/hour and 26,000 MT/day.

Total warehouse capacity of SGT 2 is 300,000 MT. It consists of 200,000 MT of flat storage and 100,000 MT of silo storage. Both are equipped with automatic modern terminal transit system which connects the jetty to the warehouse through conveyor belt that runs automatically and possesses transfer capacity of 1,300 MT/hour.

SGT 2 also provides effective and efficient delivery solutions by collaborating with various trucking companies, supported with off-loading capacity of 10,000 MT/day.