Soybean is one of the world’s most important sources of edible oil and protein. Not only is it an important food crop, it is crushed on a large scale world-wide to obtain edible oil for cooking and protein meal for animal feed. The large variety of food items based on soybean can be classified into two groups: fermented and non-fermented. The main fermented soybean products in Indonesia are tempeh, oncom, tauco and soy sauce. Non-fermented products include tahu, soybean sprouts, soy milk, fried beans (eaten as snack), and beans cooked as a vegetable or as an ingredient for soup.

These soybean products are a more affordable source of protein than livestock products.

Soybean contains valuable constituents, is low in fat, and is cholesterol-free. It also contains essential amino acids and antioxidant-compounds which protect cells from damage. Soybean is known to possess many health benefits such as mitigating the risk of various types of cancers, slowing down or preventing kidney damage, and retaining bone mass to name a few.