FKS Logistics is a subsidiary group of PT FKS Multi Agro Tbk, established to support and strengthen the supply chain activity of the Company prior to further improve the quality of the Company's services and products. FKS Logistics as integrated logistics solutions cover areas such as port services, warehousing, to transportation and distribution services in Indonesia. The Company focuses on increasing storage capacity and expanding its reach in order to achieve an efficient waiting times in the charging and discharging process, preserving the product quality in the warehouse and ensuring on time cargo delivery.

Overseeing its subsidiaries, including PT Sentral Grain Terminal, PT Nusa Prima Logistik, PT Sentral Gudang Terminal, PT FKS Trukindo Utama, PT PBM WIN, PT PBM WIN Medan, PT PBM WIN Surabaya and PT PBM WIN Makassar.

Under the name of FKS Logistics, the Company is present in several major cities and ports in Indonesia.

PT Sentral Gudang Terminal, operating in Belawan Port - Medan, is currently in cooperation with PT Pelindo I to manage a dry bulk terminal as an Integrated Warehouse (IWH) which can serve up to 1.1 million tons of feed and food product.

PT Sentral Grain Terminal, operates a successful largest dry bulk goods terminal and IWH in Southeast Asia at Cigading Port with a storage capacity of up to 200,000 tons. The operation is supported by "Portalink" technology combined with automatic conveyor belts that allows for a faster and more efficient process for both ship chartering time and discharging processes.

PT Nusa Prima Logistik, located at Terminal Teluk Lamong - East Java, operates a modern dry bulk and warehousing (IWH) terminal with a storage capacity of up to 200,000 tons. The space capacity is divided into 80,000 tons (10 units of silos) and 120,000 tons (6 units of flat storages) with the ability to unload between 20,000 to 25,000 tons of products per day.

PT PBM WIN Medan, PT PBM WIN, PT PBM WIN Surabaya and PT PBM WIN Makassar are subsidiaries engaged in charging and discharging, currently present in various dry bulk terminal located throughout Indonesia.

PT FKS Trukindo Utama is established to provide transportation services from storage warehouses to customer warehouses. In present time, it commands 65 truck fleets to serve the transportation of products in East Java and West Java, with a carrying capacity of up to 2,275 tons.

Sentral Grain Terminal

Nusa Prima Logistik

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